Make your donors fall in love again

Now you can raise funds, engage teams, showcase your
projects - and make it look easy.

Run Your Non-Profit

  • Monitor Donor Activity.
  • Send relevant and inspiring emails.
  • Manage your projects and track expenses.
  • Put your donors to work for you.
  • Auto mail year-end receipts.
  • One-click sending of post-cards and handwritten notes (no kidding).

Increase Your Revenue

  • Accept donations online.
  • Crowdsourced fundraising tools.
  • Rapidly multiply your donor base.
  • Launch fundraising campaigns.
  • Integrate Facebook and Twitter.
  • Create an unforgettable donation experience that inspires radical support for your brand.

Crowdsource Your Fundraising Efforts.

A percentage of every donor base consists of people that care enough about your cause to get involved and take action. Using the fundraising tools built into the Momentum platform, you can equip these action-oriented donors to help build the success of your cause.

  • Guided Fundraising
  • Customizable On-Ramps
  • Progress Tracking
  • Discussions
  • Twitter / Facebook
  • SMS Notifications
  • Competition / Leaderboards
  • Plugins
  • Updates & News
  • Sharing

Create special project pages.

Your project page on Momentum is the place where you inspire your donors to action. We make it incredibly easy to upload and manage your project media to present a more compelling message.

  • Videos
  • Donor Communication
  • Discussions
  • Categories and Tags
  • Project Inventory
  • Field Uploads (via MMS or Email)
  • Infographics
  • Impact Algorithms
  • Fundraising Goal
  • Effectiveness Metrics
  • Custom Data
  • Widgets + API

Focus on the donor's experience.

Donors come to your fundraising site through emails, website visits, ad clicks, or shares. But when they arrive, are they given an experience that they're expecting? Using the Momentum Smart Userflow™ system you can develop a clear path of action for each actionable entrance point in your campaigns.

Get detailed and accurate donor profiling.

Each one of your donors has a unique personality with distinctly different interests and triggers. Momentum treats your visitors like a hot date, taking care to notice every hint and detail that can be discovered from their behavior and drawing conclusions that will help you make a lasting impression. In every interaction with your visitors and donors, dozens of complex algorithms build an interest and behavior profile for each individual.

Designer Friendly

You are the expert who creates the user experience. You know what you want, you know what your donor needs to feel and experience. You don't want to work with limitations or force yourself to compromise that experience you're creating. We don't want you to either.